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John Williamson 1988 is the trading name for Rosefield Salvage ltd for it's operations in the North East of Scotland. The Williamson family own and operate 5 depots throughout Scotland making us one of the largest independent Metal Recycling Groups operating in Scotland.

The Williamson family have been involved in metal recycling and exporting since 1927. The business was started by Thomas Williamson in Elgin, Scotland it has remained active for over 90 years including throughout the second world war where it operated as an essential business. Over this time the waste and metal recycling industry has changed dramatically. As the original "green industry" metal recycling has been well established for a long time but with the public's interest in recycling and saving the planet firmly in the forefront of peoples consciousness it has been pushed to a new level of importance.

The Waste and Metal recycling industry has become a profession, to be run by professional people, as our group has grown and evolved, we have moved from Thomas's original site to 5 purpose built recycling facilities, now in our third and fourth generation the growth has been organic and the depth of retained knowledge extensive.  




John Williamson 1988 Fraserburgh & Peterhead sites are open at the times below throughout the year

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